What’s in Our Lake

We currently have over 30 different varieties in our lake and our constantly on the look out for new and exciting species. Your never going to brake any world records here, but for sure you will have a fun days fishing. Some of our Pacu are up to 6.5kg now and the catfish are approaching 7.5kg, as these fish are very strong and fight very hard, great care must be taken when returning your catch to the water, giving them time to recover from the fight.

“You might even try to get yourself a free beer by  trying for one of the park records.”

As for drinking, well you know that fishing without a  beer is highly illegal in Thailand so we have designed  our bar around you needs, so you may easily fish while you’re sat at the bar. Happy Days. Happy hour all day GIN n’ TONIC’S are a fixed price of 50 Baht all year round…

Opening Hours: 10am to 6pm Daily. Night fishing for guests only.

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